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Dr. Harper

Dr. Jeffrey Harper attended Life University in Marietta, GA where he received his doctorate of chiropractic in 2011. He specializes in adult, pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic. His youngest patient is 1 day old and oldest patient is over 100 years old. Dr. Harper also specializes in Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation and loves adjusting horses, dogs and cats. He is a member with the Texas Chiropractic Association, International Chiropractic Association and certified to practice the Webster Technique.

“At the age of 26 I was in an automobile accident that significantly damaged the spine of my lower back. Refusing the advice for surgery by medical doctors, I sought Chiropractic as an alternative. As my back and spine grew stronger I became impassioned with Chiropractic work so much I knew it was my career calling. I want nothing more than to help everyone I meet strengthen and support their nervous system through the natural healing effects of their innate ability. “


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