Patients of the Month

September 2012
Carol Kelly

Carol Kelly

"I came in one day limping and in great pain and he examined my foot and low back and told me that I don't need to see a special surgeon. I was planning on having surgery on my foot because I thought there were torn ligaments and tendons. He told me that wasn't the case and after working on my toes and foot, I felt good. I wasn't limping anymore. I wasn't in any more pain, saving me thousands of dollars worth of surgery. He has also been working on my back, which has been feeling so much better. I'm waking up in the morning able to walk without limping, not having to hold my back, and it's just been wonderful. I feel like a brand new person, and I wake up with a lot of energy. Dr. Harper doesn't beat around the bush; he is straight to the point and he will tell you if he can do it or not, and he won't let you down."

August 2012

Ralph Templin

Ralph 20Templin

"I got a call from Mrs. Harper as a former patient, wanting to know if I was interested in coming back. I said yes because at the time I was in training for a marathon, and was having a hip problem. I'd had cortisone treatment that wasn't very effective. So I came back in and had an evaluation with the Doctor. I've had 14 treatments, and am essentially pain-free, so I'm very happy about that."

July 2012

Amy Demel


"I've been coming to Dr. Harper since May for back and neck problems. After x-rays, I found out I had a severe reverse curve. Within 16 visits he corrected it. He has helped me tremendously. The pain is no longer existent, and I believe Dr. Harper is amazing."

June 2012 Patient of the Month - car accident